How Frequent Should a Person Get Test for STDs?

The frequency of getting a test for STIs and STDs is not the same for everybody. It differs on a lot of personal facets that relate to your sex life. Getting tested yearly is generally the best for adults that are sexually active. However, there are a couple of exclusions to this.  


Today, we are going to talk about how often should you get an STD Testing Chicago based on your relationship status, age, and much more.  

I Am Not Experiencing Symptoms, Should I Get Tested for STDs? 

Regardless of your relationship status, you clearly have to get tested immediately if you have experience signs of any type that can be related to an infection. But, it does not mean you are free of STDs simply because you do not experience signs. A lot of STIs and STDs are asymptomatic. This means that even though you have contracted an STD, you won’t experience any type of signs.  

If I Am in a Relationship, How Frequent Should I Get a Test? 

Before you become sexually active, you and your partner should get tested if you are about to enter into a committed relationship. It is an excellent move to maintain annual testing if you are in a monogamous relationship just to be safe. 

I Am Not in a Relationship? Should I Still Get a Test for STDs? 

You need to get tested if you aren’t sexually active currently but have been in the previous years. You still have to get tested even if you got one already right after your previous relationship or sexual encounter. Oftentimes, viruses can take several weeks to show up as a positive result on particular tests. Thus, it is wise to get a test after you have not been active sexually for a period.  

In addition to that, if you are currently having casual sex with a single partner, it is an excellent move to get tested. Before having sex with your partner, it is ideal that you get a test. You should also let your partner get tested. However, that is not always the case. If you are a person who is probably going to have more than a single partner in a single year, getting tested once every year might not be enough. This is particularly true if you aren’t practicing safe sex while doing the deed.  

If I Am a Virgin, Should I Still Get Tested? 

Before you become active sexually, it is an excellent move to get tested even if you have not had sex yet. It is still an excellent move for them to get tested as well if you aren’t a virgin but your partner says they are. There are a couple of STDs that you can transmit in methods other than sex. Thus, being a virgin does not really mean you are free of STDs.  

Whenever you get tested, it is always ideal to get tested for the most common STDs. This includes gonorrhea and chlamydia. You have to get tested right away if you are experiencing particular symptoms.